We just don't sale chemicals we offer solutions

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as a one of the leading manufacturer of metal pre-treatment chemicals since 1977.

A group of experienced chemical Engineer, corrosion technologist and a business executive had started Meta-Kem to deal with Pre-treatment' chemicals like Phosphating, Chromotizing, Degreasing chemical and allied products, basically to mitigate the Painting and corrosion related problems.

Since then a lot of other new products have been listed in our product range to encounter and meet the growing demand and challenges of foreign and indigenous market.

Our manufacture ring comprises of pre-treatment, water treatment chemicals, Heat treatment Salts and Marine Maintenance Chemicals in core competence of the company with strong emphasis on R&D and total quality management. Our systematic approach on cleaner technology has benefited the Industry on various fronts.

  • Continuous improvement in facilities, technology, procedures or people;
  • Value addition to product by anticipating customers needs in advance;
  • Constant monitoring of performance in each function. Maintain discipline in correcting root causes of failures-through better practices.
Value Addition services assists industry to position them for long-term survival by helping them to improve decision-making with respect to investments, processes, practices and personnel.
  • Consultancy for Up- gradation of ISO-9000 for latest version.
  • Guidance for pre-treatment & paint shop management.
  • Paint shop waste water treatment.
  • Consultation for industrial water treatment for various usages.
  • Other environment related problems.
  • Boiler and cooling tower operations.

Navin Maheshwari - An experienced technologist in corrosion and environmental science. He is working in the field of corrosion & environmental control since 1979. Recently he has developed an innovative technology for bagasse depithing by chemical swelling process for Century Pulp & Paper. This technology eliminates the dry depithing process, hence saving of environment and also improvement in the net yield by 15-20%. He is also associated as consultant with a member of public and private sector units like IOC, Vam Chemicals etc. He is also NACE certified for coating & painting Inspection.